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oldschoolbtvs's Journal

The Old School BtVS/AtS Ficathon
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Do you ever miss Jenny Calendar? Or when Giles still worked in the Sunnydale High Library? Or seeing Buffy and Willow and Cordelia in tiny, tiny skirts? (Who doesn't!) Then this is the ficathon for you.

Dates to know:
   Signup: April 24 - May 1
   Receive Prompt: May 3
   Story Deadline: July 1

  • All stories must take place during BtVS seasons 1-3, or Angel season 1. (You may have BtVS/AtS crossovers but only if they take place during Angel season 1, not Buffy season 4.)
  • Your story must be at least 1,000 words long. That's not a lot of words, really; you can do it!
  • On July 1, post your story in this journal. You may then post your story wherever you want -- your journal, ff.net, etc. -- please do not post your story before that.

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