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Post Prompt & Masterlist - The Old School BtVS/AtS Ficathon

what doesn't kill me better run posting in The Old School BtVS/AtS Ficathon
User: oldschoolbtvs (posted by carlyinrome)
when? 2007-06-30 22:26
huh? Post Prompt & Masterlist
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I'd like to begin by saying that, yes, I know the deadline isn't until tomorrow. However, I've recently been informed that I will be working hours not so conducive to making this post tomorrow, so . . . take this as an opportunity, why don't you, to post your stuff early? The official deadline isn't until tomorrow, but as soon as your story is posted here, you can put it up wherever you'd like.

So. Post your stories in the oldschoolbtvs community. When I am finally able to come back to my computer, I will add all the links and who wrote what for who information on this post that you're reading right now.

Thanks, so much, to all the participants. You guys = Awesome

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